Let me start with some insightful Try before you buy trends and statistics 

Key Findings: Try before you buy Trends

  • 37% of online shoppers preferred “try before you buy” over traditional payment methods.
  • 69% of shoppers were “moderately, very, or completely” likely to buy more items from online merchants offering it.
  • 71% of shoppers said they would choose a retailer that offered a “try before you buy” option over one that did not.
  • 74% of consumers said trying on a product before buying it would eliminate a major drawback of online shopping. 
  • 79% of adult shoppers who purchase clothing in-store try on the items before purchasing.
  • 47% of consumers do not like shopping online because they can’t interact with and try products

Sources: (Klarna, RetailDive, Shopify, The NPD Group, Statista)

37% of Online Shoppers Favor ‘Try Before You Buy’ Over Traditional Payments

Important takeaway:

Offer “Try Before You Buy”Consumers appreciate this risk-reducing model.
Optimize Payment FlexibilityVarying payment options cater to shopper preferences.
Promote Clear Return PoliciesTransparency can alleviate purchase anxieties.

The data suggests that a notable proportion of online shoppers prefer “try before you buy” over traditional payment methods. To cater to these preferences, businesses should offer such models, provide flexible payment options, and maintain transparent return policies.

Source: Klarna

69% Likely to Shop More with ‘Try Before You Buy’ Options, Says Survey

Important takeaway:

Encourage Upselling TechniquesMore options lead to increased purchasing likelihood.
Offer Diverse Product RangeVariety seems to encourage more shopping activity.
Implement Customized SuggestionsPersonalized recommendations drive consumer interest.

This data suggests that shoppers are more likely to increase their purchases from online retailers offering a broad array of items. To capitalize on this, businesses should use upselling techniques, offer a diverse product range, and customize suggestions based on shopper’s preferences.

Source: RetailDive

71% Choose Retailers Offering ‘Try Before You Buy’ Option, Study Reveals

Important takeaway:

Implement “Try Before Buy”Majority (71%) of shoppers are likely to prefer retailers offering a trial option, bolstering customer acquisition.
Revise Business StrategyBusinesses must adapt to this consumer inclination to ensure competitive advantage and growth.
Focus on Customer ExperienceTailoring shopping experiences to meet consumers’ desire for trials can enhance brand loyalty.

Source: RetailDive

74% of Consumers Say Trying Products Eliminates Drawback of Online Shopping

Important takeaway:

Implementation of Virtual Try-Ons74% consumers demand try-before-buy experiences, significantly improving online shopping satisfaction.
Enhance Returns PolicyGiven high demand for product trials, streamlined return processes could reduce shopping apprehensions.
Invest in Augmented RealityAR technologies enabling virtual product experiences can cater to 74% consumers’ stated preferences.

Source: Shopify

In-Store Clothing Trials Precede Purchase for 79% of Adult Shoppers

79% of adult shoppers who purchase clothing in-store try on the items before purchasing

Important takeaway:

Implement Virtual FittingThe act of trying is crucial for clothing buyers.
Provide Detailed Size GuidesAccurate sizing information eases in-store habits.
Strengthen Return PoliciesShoppers may fear the risk of ill-fitting items.

The data indicates a strong preference among adult shoppers to try clothing items before purchase. Online platforms could implement virtual fitting rooms, detailed size guides, and robust return policies to simulate the in-store experience and reduce purchasing hesitations.

Source: The NPD Group

47% of Consumers Resist Online Shopping Due to Lack of Product Interaction

Important takeaway:

Enhance Virtual ExperienceConsumers crave the interactive and tactile experience.
Strengthen Return PoliciesThe fear of wrong choice hampers online purchases.
Use Augmented Reality ToolsThese can simulate in-person shopping, boosting comfort.

This statistic suggests a significant segment of consumers still prefers traditional shopping due to the lack of physical interaction with products. Incorporating virtual experiences, robust return policies, and augmented reality can bridge this gap.

Source: Statista

Try before you buy Trends

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