The digital age has seen a shift in how consumers gather information and make purchase decisions. Videos have emerged as a pivotal tool in influencing these choices. 

A remarkable 85% of consumers worldwide depend on videos while shopping online. Additionally, when it comes to learning about a product or service, 73% of shoppers lean towards watching a short video. 

Let me start with some insightful statistics that show the importance of video marketing. 🎥📈🛍️

Statistics That Show Importance of Video Marketing

  • More than 60% of shoppers say online video has given them ideas or inspiration for their purchase.
  • 85% of consumers worldwide rely on video when shopping online.
  • 70% of online shoppers claim that videos help them better understand products.
  • 73% of shoppers prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a short video.
  • 48% of consumers say video boosts their confidence to shop online.
  • 71% of global consumers say video with interactive features like links to purchase is essential when buying online.
  • 36% of global shoppers find video most helpful for discovering new products online as they shop online.

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Over 60% Shoppers Gain Purchase Inspiration from Online Videos

Important takeaway:

Leverage Online Video MarketingOver 60% of shoppers are influenced by online video, indicating its power in driving purchase decisions.
Develop Engaging Video ContentBusinesses should focus on creating inspiring video content to capitalize on this consumer behavior.
Incorporate Video in eCommerceGiven the data, integrating video demos or tutorials into eCommerce platforms could boost sales.

Source: Google/Ipsos

85% Global Consumers Depend on Videos for Online Shopping

Important takeaway:

Prioritize video contentVideo influences consumer behavior globally, necessitating a robust video strategy.
Invest in product video creationGiven their reliance, detailed videos can effectively showcase products.
Use video for online marketingThe high reliance indicates video could boost marketing efforts significantly.

Source: Internet Retailing

70% of Online Shoppers Assert Videos Enhance Product Understanding

Important takeaway:

Enhance product descriptions with videosVideos enhance understanding, proving crucial for effective product presentation.
Focus on explanatory videosThese aid comprehension, increasing potential for consumer satisfaction and sales.
Implement video FAQs or demosThis could address shopper queries, enhancing product understanding.

Source: Brightcove

73% Consumers Opt for Short Videos for Product Learning

Important takeaway:

Short videos are preferred for product learning73% of shoppers opt for short videos to learn about products or services, highlighting their effectiveness
Need for businesses to create informative short videosThis figure emphasizes the importance for businesses to invest in short, informative videos about their products or services
The rise of video as a primary information sourceThe data indicates a major shift towards video content as the primary source of product or service information

This data highlights the increasing consumer preference for short videos as a means to learn about products or services. As such, businesses should leverage this trend by producing and promoting succinct, informative videos to cater to the educational needs of the modern shopper.

Source: Wyzowl

Video Boosts Online Shopping Confidence for 48% Consumers

48% of consumers say video boosts their confidence to shop online

Important takeaway:

Employ video to instill buying confidenceVideo usage can boost online shopping confidence, promoting purchases.
Integrate testimonial videosPositive reviews through video can heighten shopper trust.
Use video for product validationVideos offer authenticity, increasing consumer confidence in online buying.

Source: Brightcove

71% Buyers Insist on Interactive Features in Online Shopping Videos

Important takeaway:

Demand for interactive video content is high71% of global consumers want purchase links in online videos, making it essential for e-commerce businesses
Enhanced consumer engagement through videoInteractive features in video content can help engage consumers better and simplify the buying process
A shift in online shopping behaviorThe data suggests a significant change in consumer behavior, reflecting a preference for more interactive, video-based online shopping

This data suggests a clear consumer demand for interactive video content in the e-commerce industry. In order to stay competitive and meet customer needs, businesses should integrate such features into their online platforms, enhancing customer engagement and facilitating the purchasing process.

Source: Brightcove

36% Shoppers Discover New Products via Online Videos

Important takeaway:

Video content is a powerful discovery tool36% of global shoppers use videos to find new products, showing video’s effectiveness as a discovery tool
Businesses should invest in product videosThis data underscores the need for businesses to create and promote product videos to aid customer discovery
The evolving nature of online shoppingOnline shoppers are increasingly relying on videos for product discovery, indicating a shift in shopping behavior

The data implies that video content plays a pivotal role in product discovery for online shoppers, with over a third of global consumers utilizing it for this purpose. For businesses, this highlights the necessity of incorporating product videos into their digital strategy to facilitate discovery and meet changing consumer behaviors.

Source: Brightcove

Online Video Shopping Trends And Statistics

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