Why Facebook for business? Let me start with some insightful statistics. 

Why Use Facebook For Business: Statistics And Facts

  • 37% of Facebook users will make a purchase on the platform in 2023
  • 19% of online shoppers in the U.S. start their search on Facebook.
  • 44% of Facebook users say that the site affects what they buy.
  • 78% of US consumers made purchases through discoveries on Facebook.
  • 15% of people who use Facebook also shop there.

Sources: (Insider Intelligence, Social Pilot, Kleiner Perkins, Neal Schaffer)

37% of Facebook Users Projected to Purchase via Platform in 2023

Important takeaway:

Optimize Facebook as a sales channelA significant user base intends to shop on Facebook, indicating a strong sales potential.
Invest in Facebook Shop featuresThe buying intent of users signals an opportunity to maximize sales with an improved shopping experience.
Tailor ads towards purchase intentUtilizing Facebook’s ad personalization can effectively target users intending to buy.

The projected buying behavior on Facebook in 2023 suggests a considerable opportunity for sales on the platform. Brands should optimize Facebook as a sales channel, invest in enhancing their Facebook Shop, and fine-tune ads to capture purchase intent effectively.

Source: Insider Intelligence

19% of U.S. Online Shoppers Initiate Search on Facebook

Important takeaway:

Prioritize Facebook in SEO strategyThe platform plays a significant role in initial product discovery for online shoppers.
Utilize Facebook for product launchesA noteworthy segment of shoppers are introduced to new products on Facebook.
Optimize product visibility on FacebookEffective optimization can reach potential customers at the start of their shopping journey.

The statistic indicates that a considerable percentage of U.S. online shoppers begin their shopping journey on Facebook. This underlines the importance of prioritizing Facebook in SEO strategies, launching new products on the platform, and optimizing product visibility for this initial discovery phase.

Source: Insider Intelligence

Facebook Influences Buying Decisions for 44% of Users

Important takeaway:

Tailor Facebook marketing towards influencing purchase decisionsUsers are susceptible to the platform’s impact on buying choices.
Optimize product presentations on FacebookAn engaging and convincing presentation could sway user purchase decisions.
Invest in targeted Facebook advertisingCapitalize on the platform’s influence over user purchases with personalized ads.

The data suggests that Facebook significantly influences the buying decisions of a considerable portion of its users. Therefore, marketers should tailor their strategies on the platform towards influencing purchases, optimize product presentations, and make robust use of targeted advertising.

Source: Social Pilot

Facebook Drives Purchasing Decisions for 78% of US Consumers

Important takeaway:

Prioritize Facebook for product discovery campaignsA large proportion of U.S. consumers discover and buy products on the platform.
Invest in visibility on FacebookHigh discovery rates indicate the need to ensure products are easily findable.
Harness Facebook’s advertising capabilitiesThe platform is effective in leading consumers from discovery to purchase.

The data indicates that a significant majority of U.S. consumers discover and buy products on Facebook. Businesses should, therefore, prioritize the platform for discovery campaigns, ensure their products are easily findable, and utilize Facebook’s advertising capabilities to guide consumers from discovery to purchase.

Source: Kleiner Perkins

15% of Facebook Users Adopt Platform as Shopping Destination

15% of people who use Facebook also shop there

Important takeaway:

Optimize Facebook’s shopping featuresA sizeable portion of Facebook users also shop on the platform, signaling potential for sales.
Leverage Facebook’s ad targeting for salesTailored ads can reach users who are inclined to shop on Facebook.
Improve customer journey on FacebookA seamless shopping experience can capitalize on the user’s dual behavior.

The statistic reveals that a significant percentage of Facebook users also utilize the platform for shopping. Brands should maximize this by optimizing Facebook’s shopping features, leveraging its ad targeting for sales, and enhancing the customer journey within the platform.

Source: Neal Schaffer

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