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Target, one of the most popular retail giants, is known for offering a diverse range of products, from electronics to groceries and everything in between. From trendy clothing to daily essentials, Target has something for everyone. 

But here’s a question you might have stumbled upon: “Does Target take EBT?” 

I can see how that would be a key detail for many to know. Hang tight, and I’ll delve into this to answer that question for you.

Does Target take EBT?

Target does take EBT cards, but only for certain things you can buy. 

At Target, you can use your EBT card to buy things like bread, cereal, fruit, vegetables, meat, and drinks that do not contain alcohol. But you can’t buy things like alcohol, tobacco, medicine, hot foods, or pet foods. 

Does Target Take EBT

When you’re at the cash register, the stuff you’re buying with EBT should be separate from the other items. 

If you’re using self-checkout, you don’t need to worry—it knows what’s EBT.


You can’t use EBT for online shopping at Target, only in the actual store. If you return something you got with EBT, the money goes back onto your EBT card. 

And guess what? If you change your mind about something you bought with EBT, Target gives you 90 days to return it, just like any other way you pay.

Does Target Take WIC?

Yes, Target does take WIC for certain foods. So, if you have a WIC EBT card, you can use it at Target when you’re checking out. Just show the cashier your card, and they’ll help you out. With WIC, you can buy things like milk, eggs, fruits, veggies, cheese, baby formula, and cereal. Sometimes, you can even buy non-food stuff like diapers with WIC.

Does Target Take WIC?

But remember, you can’t use WIC online on Target’s website or app. It’s only for shopping in the store. Most Target stores accept WIC, but in some places, only the big Super Target stores with lots of groceries might take it. If you’re not sure, just ask at your local store or your WIC office. 

Shopping at Target with WIC is great because you can get your groceries and other stuff you need all at once. Plus, Target has a bunch of choices for WIC-approved foods.

Does Target take EBT online?

Currently, if you’re looking to use EBT for online purchases at Target, the short answer is no – they don’t accept EBT for online orders just yet. 

Does Target take EBT online

At the moment, you can only use your EBT benefits when shopping in-store. But, here’s a silver lining: Target has indicated they’ll begin accepting EBT for online orders sometime this year. The specifics on when that will happen haven’t been nailed down, but it’s definitely in the pipeline.

Once this change rolls out, you’ll be able to use EBT for grocery pickup and delivery orders made on Target’s website and app. The process will involve adding your EBT card details to your account and selecting it as your payment option at checkout. 

But keep in mind, EBT will cover only eligible grocery items. For any non-food items, delivery fees, or tips, you’ll need to have a backup payment method, like a credit card, on hand. 

Pretty neat, right?

Key Points to Note About Target and EBT

Target FeaturesQuick Facts
Product Categories:EBT buys a lot at Target: fruits, meats, dairy, and more.
Online & Delivery:Use EBT on (except Alaska). Delivery fees? Different payment needed.
Store Hours:Usually 8am-10pm, but some stores stay open later.
Delivery Area:Near a Target? They likely deliver to you.
Returns:Return EBT purchases within 90 days; refunds go back on the card.
Payment:EBT for eligible items, in-store or online. Have another payment for extras.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all target locations accept EBT?

If you’re asking if every Target store takes EBT, the answer is yes! Every Target location lets you use your EBT card for buying certain things in the store. So, you’re all set to shop. 

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