Coupons have long been a favorite for shoppers looking for deals, and their popularity is only growing in the digital age. Over the past 5 years, the utilization of digital coupons saw a rise of 35.80%

It’s also worth noting that a vast majority of shoppers, 88% to be exact, turn to coupons or discount codes to save on their purchases. 

Let me share the most crucial coupon statistics and trends you should be aware of right away. ✂️🛍️📊.

Coupon Statistics: The Key Data

  • 88% of shoppers use a coupon or discount code.
  • The use of digital coupons has increased by 35.80% in last 5 years. 
  • In 2022, 177.9 million Americans redeemed digital coupons.
  • Consumers who use digital coupons spend 24% more than those who don’t.
  • As of 2023, 57% of shoppers use digital coupons, compared to 43% who use paper coupons. 
  • By 2027, the market for mobile coupons around the world will be worth $14.8 trillion.
  • 38% of people who have a coupon end up buying more than they planned
  • 83% of shoppers say coupons influence their purchasing behavior
  • 39% of consumers purchased a product earlier than intended due to a coupon.
  • 39 percent of people used coupons to buy a brand they would not have bought otherwise, and 18 percent used coupons to switch back to a brand they had bought before.

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Coupon Usage Among Shoppers Soars to 88%, Reports Indicate

Important takeaway:

Leverage coupons and discounts to drive salesHigh usage indicates effective strategy to influence purchasing decisions.
Develop a robust coupon management systemEfficient tracking can optimize campaign outcomes and customer experience.
Frequently update and rotate discount offersRefreshed promotions can sustain consumer interest and loyalty.
Communicate offers effectively to shoppersClear and timely communication can ensure optimal coupon usage.

Source: Staista

Coupons Encourage Impulsive Buying, Resulting in 38% Overspending

Important takeaway:

Use coupons to encourage larger purchasesCoupons can influence customers to increase their spending.
Strategize coupon placement for upsellingEffective positioning can promote higher-priced or additional items.
Assess the impact of coupons on shopping behaviorThis insight can guide future promotional strategies.
Tailor coupons to individual shopping habitsPersonalized incentives can enhance customer engagement and sales.

Source: Inmar Intelligence

Major Influence: 83% of Shoppers’ Purchasing Behavior Driven by Coupons

Important takeaway:

Integrate coupons into sales strategyHigh influence on purchasing behavior indicates a strong promotional tool.
Develop personalized coupon campaignsTailored incentives can resonate more with individual shoppers.
Understand coupon preferences of customer baseInsights can enhance coupon design, distribution, and effectiveness.
Monitor coupon usage and its impactRegular evaluation can optimize promotional efforts and outcomes.

Source: Inmar Intelligence

39% of Consumers Make Premature Purchases Prompted by Coupons

Important takeaway:

Utilize coupons to boost immediate salesCoupons can accelerate purchasing decisions and enhance revenue.
Time coupon distribution strategicallyEffective timing can influence customer purchase behavior and planning.
Identify key products for early purchase incentivesCertain items may be more suited to this promotional approach.
Track the influence of coupons on purchasing timelinesThis understanding can refine future sales strategies.

Source: Inmar Intelligence

39% Buy Unfamiliar Brands Due to Coupons; 18% Switch Back to Old Brands

Important takeaway:

Use coupons to attract new customersCoupons can effectively drive trial of unfamiliar brands.
Employ coupons to regain lapsed customersOffering incentives can motivate brand switching and re-engage past customers.
Understand how coupons influence brand loyaltyThis can inform the design of loyalty programs and retention strategies.
Monitor brand shifts due to coupon usageTracking these changes can help in optimizing future promotional campaigns.

Source: Inmar Intelligence

Household Items Without Coupons Frustrate 55% of Shoppers

55% of people get upset when they can not use coupons for household items

Important takeaway:

Prioritize coupon availability for household itemsEmotional response indicates a strong desire for these discounts.
Review coupon policies and restrictionsClear, customer-friendly policies can reduce frustration and enhance satisfaction.
Communicate clearly about coupon usageTransparency can manage customer expectations and mitigate negative reactions.
Assess the impact of coupon unavailabilityThis can guide future decisions about promotional offerings and strategy.

Source: Balancing Everything

By 2027, Global Mobile Coupons Market to Skyrocket to $14.8 Trillion

Important takeaway:

Invest in mobile coupon technologyThe predicted market value underscores a significant growth opportunity.
Develop mobile-friendly coupon strategiesMobile accessibility can increase coupon usage and customer satisfaction.
Keep abreast of trends in mobile coupon usageUnderstanding trends can guide strategic decisions and innovation.
Ensure seamless integration of coupons in mobile platformsUser-friendly design can enhance customer experience and engagement.

Source: Business Wire

Digital Coupon Users Outspend Non-Users by 24%, Study Finds

Important takeaway:

Prioritize digital coupon strategiesHigher spend from digital coupon users underscores their effectiveness.
Encourage digital coupon adoptionInitiatives to transition customers to digital can increase overall spending.
Analyze spending patterns of digital coupon usersInsights can inform the creation of more impactful promotional strategies.
Tailor digital offerings based on customer preferencesPersonalized digital coupons can further boost consumer spending.

Source: Shopper

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