Facing high grocery bills is a common headache, but what if you could get some of that money back? That’s what the best cashback apps are here for. 

They help you earn back a bit of cash every time you spend on groceries, snag a coupon, or grab other deals. It’s like having a money-saving buddy right in your pocket. These apps make saving feel easy and even a little fun. 

I’ve hunted down the 7 best cashback apps that will be your new favorite tools for getting cash back on groceries, scoring coupons, and saving on more. With these apps, you’ll see the brighter side of checkout lines.

#1. Ibotta

Ibotta cash back apps

Ibotta is a pioneering cash-back app that enables you to earn cashback on everyday purchases. Ibotta provides you with easy access to savings on a variety of categories, including groceries, dining, clothing, and pet supplies, via a vast selection of offers. 

Offer: If you are new to Ibotta, then you can use the Ibotta referral code to earn up to a $10 sign up bonus once you submit one receipt. 

It provides a dual mode of earning cash back, both in-store and online. Users can either submit receipts or link their accounts to earn rewards. Moreover, purchases made at online retailers like HomeDepot.com, eBay.com, Macys.com, and Groupon.com via Ibotta also yield cash back.

Ibotta further enhances its usability with a Chrome browser extension. This feature enables users to earn cash back on daily purchases right from their computer. Ibotta’s innovative approach extends to gift card management as well, where users can purchase and manage gift cards, earning instant cash back on their total value.

Ibotta ensures secure transactions while protecting user data thanks to strong security frameworks like NIST 800-53 and SSAE 18.

Features include:

  • Hundreds of cashback offers across various sectors
  • In-store and online cashback opportunities
  • Compatibility with major online retailers for earning cash back
  • A Chrome browser extension for cash back on computer-based purchases
  • A gift card wallet with instant cash back on total value
  • Adherence to established security frameworks, ensuring user data safety.

#2. Dosh

Dosh is a user-friendly cash back rewards platform that puts money back in your pocket every time you shop, dine, or book hotels. With automatic cash back, Dosh deposits your earnings directly into your wallet when you make qualifying purchases. 

It’s easy to get started; simply link your credit or debit cards to the Dosh app and start earning cash back. If you haven’t signed up yet, use this Dosh referral link or the referral code to start earning cashback. 

Once you’ve collected $15 in cash back, you have the freedom to transfer it to your bank account, PayPal, or Venmo. 

Feeling charitable? You can even donate your earnings! Dosh’s expansive network consists of over 10,000 places with many partner merchants, offering ample opportunities to earn cash back. The app goes the extra mile by providing curated offers based on your spending habits.

And you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. Dosh is committed to consumer privacy and ensures that your data is never sold to businesses or third parties.

Features include:

  • Automatic cash back on qualifying purchases
  • Easy linking of credit or debit cards
  • Option to transfer earnings or donate to charity
  • Partnerships with over 10,000 merchants for cash back opportunities
  • Curated offers tailored to your spending habits
  • Strong commitment to consumer privacy and data security.

#3. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a fun and interactive mobile app that lets users earn rewards by simply scanning receipts from participating stores. It is free on both iOS and Android and gives you a unique way to get more out of the things you buy every day.

Users can get points by scanning receipts, and the app instantly gives points based on the store and products bought. Plus, you can interact with various participating brands to score even more rewards. Fetch Rewards also recently rolled out a host of social features, further enhancing user engagement. And don’t forget about the Fetch Rewards referral program, which lets you earn bonus points for bringing your friends onboard. 

To earn the bonus, you can use the Fetch Rewards referral code to earn the sign up bonus. 

Features include:

  • Receipt scanning to earn points
  • Engagement with participating brands for rewards
  • New social features to enhance user interaction
  • A referral program for extra points
  • Limited to participating stores only
  • Requires access to certain personal information.

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